Period Underwear

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Period Underwear For Women

Adira's period underwear for women goes the extra mile to ensure your worry-free and comfortable menstrual experience. These innovative stain free panties are designed to provide reliable and leakproof protection throughout your menstrual days. Their comfortable design ensures they sit snugly on your hips while offering full back coverage, significantly reducing the risk of staining.

These stain-free panties are particularly ideal for low to medium-flow days. They come with an extended crotch lining, a unique feature that prevents front and back staining, ensuring you stay worry-free during menstruation. They can be worn with pads, tampons or menstrual cups.

The thoughtful design also considers your comfort, as these stain-free panties are crafted from skin-friendly and breathable fabric. This fabric minimises the risk of skin irritation and chafing, making your menstrual cycle more comfortable and irritation-free.

What sets these stain-free panties apart is their patent in both USA and India, ensuring the distinctiveness and effectiveness of their design. With Adira's Period Underwear for Women, you can trust in a truly innovative and reliable solution for your menstrual care needs.

Women Period Underwear Offers Two Fabric Options

1. Cotton Fabric:

  • Our menstrual underwear is made from 100% cotton for softness and breathability.
  • They come with a leakproof and breathable PU laminate in the crotch for enhanced protection.
  • A classic choice for lasting comfort during your menstrual days. 

2. Modal Fabric:

  • These menstrual underwear are three times softer than cotton, modal fabric offers a luxurious feel against your skin.
  • It features a leakproof and breathable PU laminate in the crotch for worry-free protection.
  • Ideal for those who appreciate both comfort and top-notch protection.

Tips To Buy Period Underwear For Women 

1. Understand Your Flow: Before purchasing period underwear, consider your menstrual flow. Different styles are designed for various flow levels. Some are ideal for heavy flow(Boxers), while others are better suited for light to medium flow(Hipsters). Knowing your flow pattern will help you choose the right style for your needs.

2. Select The Right Size:  Ensure you select the correct size for a comfortable fit. Adira provides size guides to help you choose the perfect fit. A well-fitting menstrual underwear is essential for both comfort and effectiveness.

3. Choose The Fabric Wisely: Menstrual underwear comes in various fabric options. Cotton is a classic choice known for its breathability and comfort. Modal fabric is even softer than cotton, offering a luxurious feel. Consider your preference for comfort and softness when choosing the fabric that suits you best.

Benefits Of Period Underwear For Women

1. Leakproof Protection: Period underwear is designed to offer leakproof protection, ensuring that women can confidently go about their daily activities during menstruation. This innovative menstrual underwear serves as a reliable safeguard against embarrassing leaks and prevents front and back stains, providing women with comfort and confidence.

2. Ideal For Low To Medium Flow Days: For low to medium flow days, choose period panty hipsters with a comfortable hip-hugging fit, full back coverage and leak-proof protection. The extended crotch lining prevents front and back staining and works well with pads, tampons or menstrual cups for added versatility.

3. Reduced Chafing And Irritation: The materials used in stain-free panties are carefully selected to minimize chafing and skin irritation. They provide a gentle and comfortable experience, even during a woman's most sensitive days. This reduction in discomfort enhances the overall menstrual experience.

4. Comfort And Breathability: These stain-free panties are crafted from skin-friendly and breathable fabric, ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout your menstrual cycle. The breathable material minimizes discomfort and irritation, making them ideal for extended wear.

How Are Adira Period Underwear For Women Different From Everyday Panties?

How is Adira Period Underwear For Girls Different From Regular Underwear?

Adira's period underwear is designed to cater to the unique needs of women during their menstrual cycle. The extended crotch lining ensures reliable protection against front and back staining, offering ultimate comfort during menstruation. The full back coverage and comfortable waist fit provide a secure and comfortable experience.

Adira offers options for both low to medium-flow days (hipsters) and heavy-flow days (boxers), providing a suitable choice for various stages of your menstrual cycle. This versatility ensures that women can select styles that match their needs. They can be worn with pads, tampons or menstrual cups.

These period proof underwear are crafted from skin-friendly and breathable fabric, Adira's period underwear prioritizes comfort and minimizes skin irritation. The soft and breathable materials reduce the risk of chafing, rashes, and discomfort during your menstrual cycle.

Adira's reusable menstrual panties are not just innovative in its design but also hold patents in both the USA and India. This recognition assures the uniqueness and effectiveness of its construction, making it a trustworthy choice for menstrual care.

While other period underwear options may offer protection, Adira goes the extra mile to prioritize comfort, reliability, and innovation, making the menstrual experience truly hassle-free and comfortable for women in India and worldwide.

Why Should You Use Period Underwear With A Sanitary Pad?

How to use period underwear?

1. Stay Hygienic: Using period underwear with pads is essential for maintaining hygiene. Since menstrual blood and tissue can become a breeding ground for bacteria, changing pads every 4 hours ensures you stay hygienic and bacteria-free, providing peace of mind throughout the day and night.

2. Be Odor-Free: Combining menstrual underwear with pads is crucial to stay odor-free during periods. To effectively manage odor, change the pad every 4 hours or more often, if needed.

3. Feel Dry & Fresh: Reusable menstrual panties, when used with pads, keeps you fresh & dry. The viscous and thick consistency of menstrual blood and tissue feels wet & icky. Changing pads as needed will keep you clean, fresh, and dry throughout the day and night.

4. Be Comfortable: Prioritizing comfort during periods is crucial for girls and women of all ages. Choosing the right period-proof underwear with the right pad is key. Opt for a stress-free period with the best period underwear in India.

Adira’s Innovation

Adira Period Panty Patent

Adira, a brand dedicated to modern girls and women, has been at the forefront of innerwear innovation since 2009, proudly holding patents in both the USA and India.

Their unwavering commitment to redefining innerwear and setting higher standards in menstrual hygiene has solidified their position as a trustworthy choice for comfort and protection during menstrual days. Adira's relentless dedication to innovation goes hand in hand with its mission to prioritize the health and overall well-being of girls and women.

Furthermore, the visionary behind these innovations is Adira's founder, Deepa Kumar, who has been consistently creating products that enable comfort and confidence for girls and women. Her innovative approach has led to products that not only meet practical needs but also support the emotional well-being of those going through significant life transitions.

 Adira's innovation is a testament to their dedication to empowering girls and women, making their journey into womanhood as comfortable and confident as possible.


1. What are the benefits of period underwear?

  • Adira's womens period underwear ensures worry-free and comfortable menstruation, offering leak-proof protection. With options for low to heavy-flow days, these reusable menstrual panties reduce the risk of staining, provide full back coverage, and can be worn with pads or menstrual cups. Crafted from skin-friendly fabric, Adira prioritizes comfort, breathability, and holds patents in both USA and India, making it a unique and reliable choice for menstrual care.

2. Do period proof underwear really work?

  • Yes, period underwear, especially from Adira, is designed to work effectively. With leak-proof protection and innovative features, they offer a reliable solution for menstrual care, ensuring comfort and confidence during menstruation.

3. How many pairs of reusable menstrual panties do I need?

  • The number of pairs needed depends on your flow and laundry routine. Having 3-5 pairs can be a good start, allowing for rotation during your cycle. Adira provides versatile options, including styles for various flow levels. Period underwear boxers for heavy flow days and period underwear hipsters for low to medium flow days.

4. Is it OK to wear menstrual underwear all the time?

  • While it's suitable for menstruation, wearing period underwear all the time may not be necessary. Use as needed during your cycle, providing comfort and protection when required.

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