“It's truly a stain free period with Period Panty. It has saved me from huge embarrassment at work and social engagements. In fact as a young girl have been through mortifying incidents at school but now I have a sense of relief for my daughter. She has never had an awkward experience in 18 months of puberty. I rate the Panty as a best product developed in the category of female hygiene. ”

Deepti, Marketing Professional
Starter Bra Review

“ When my little girl started developing, I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to wear certain clothes. But then Adira came to my rescue. Their beginner bras are comfortable and didn’t irritate her. When she started her period, I tried the period panties, and they are amazing. My daughter is no longer self- conscious and is growing into a wonderful young woman. Now my younger daughter is starting her puberty and thanks to Adira I will be well prepared. ”

Kadambari, IT Professional
Period Panty Review For PCOD

“ Women with PCOD come with a baggage that they can never predict their periods, and feel guilty of wasting pads on unsure days to "be prepared". I'm one amongst them and my life changed after using Adira Period panties. I can wear it at ease, and the protective layer gives me confidence of no spill on period days with a pad, less flow days without a pad and on unsure days. Also, I feel proud of saving the environment from extra sanitary waste I would have otherwise generated.”

Anubha, Creative Designer
Period Panty Review For Heavy Bleeding

“ I’m a middle aged working mom with a stressful life. I started having issues with my periods with it getting heavy and irregular. While I was able to handle it initially, it started to get worse. My condition was so severe that it started to affect my normal activities. That’s when I came across Adira. I had stopped going to office as I was very uncomfortable due to potential stains on my dress. After I started using Adira, I gained back my confidence to go back in public. This was an absolute moral booster. Period panties must have for all menstruating women to be out there and have a normal life & I thank Deepa for this product.”

Brinda, IT Professional
Adira Period Panty Review By Mom

“ Young teen girls who get their periods have to manage social stereotypes whilst adapting to their changing bodies. My daughter's initial insecurities of leaks and stains were handled wonderfully by Adira's period panties for teens. For a first time user like her, the broad base allowed her to manoeuvre the sanitary pad with ease in terms of getting the hold right and firm. The panty gave her tremendous confidence to pursue all that she would for the day, with no worry of leaks. For a generation that's aware of the environment around them, the thick layering handles unsure days well, keeping her from wasting pads. ”

Leena, Montessori Teacher & Author
Period Panty Review From Dad

“As a Dad, there's nothing you wouldn't do to make life easier for your kids. When my daughter started getting periods, there were so many things that were new to her and so much unpredictability surrounding what her body was going through. Adira period panties allowed her to at least take one big worry away from her mind. At an age when the smallest things seem like earth-changing events, if I can help ease any anxiety she might have, there's no question about doing it. Buying Adira online was so simple and its the least you can do as a Dad to make your daughter comfortable. ”

Binoy, Founder Director at an IT Firm
Adira Period Panty Review From A Fitness Enthusiast

“ I am an outdoor person but would not  engage in athletic activities during my periods. A new girlfriend who was my athletic activity partner introduced me to Adira Period Panty. This happened sometime in 2012 since when I have been a huge fan of the product. Not only does it hold the stains but is made of cotton making it a sustainable garment. Adira Period Panty is what I give to all my friend’s daughters as they enter adolescence. ”

Shalini, Entreuprenuer
Student Review Of Adira Period Panty

“ I have been using Period Panties from last 2 years with a very positive result. Tension free days is a great thing for every girl. I used to be stressed spending the day in college or sitting through 3 hour exams earlier but now I am not worried at all anymore. It's a great feeling to feel FREE. Just go for it. Thank You!”

Swee, Student
Adira Period Panty Review For Heavy Bleeding

“ If you are like me, someone who has heavy periods, then you know what it means - double layers of protection, checking all the time, waking up at night more than once. With a globe trotting job and long hours en travel and at work, the challenge doubled for me. I stumbled on Adira by chance and it has been my companion for more than a decade now. I have not had a single bad incident since. Buying Adira hasn’t been buying a panty, but it was buying peace of mind. ”

Rashmi, Founder of an organic baby wear brand