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Talk To Your Daughter About Periods

Talk To Your Daughter About Periods

Well, that might sound uncomfortable, but it’s okay! Most mothers face this issue. Conventional education usually does not include personal hygiene and self care. Periods are an extremely important part of your daughter’s growth, and it is best that you have the period talk with your daughter.

Indian kids are usually not used to being spoken about important health conditions like periods and sex education, neither in school nor at home. Being a mother, you play a vital role in guiding your daughter on the right path, before she learns from unreliable sources. Periods could be something you both might shy away from talking about, but with a little effort you will find it is not as tough as you thought it would be. To prepare yourself better you can read on how to prepare for your daughter’s first period.


“You have to know this” , “We gotta discuss something” , “This is important for you, my girl” could be a few ice breakers for you to begin the conversation. As mother, you could narrate to her about your own experience of when you got your first period. Keep the conversation light and easy.


You can be nervous to have the period talk with your daughter. Don’t worry, nervous is just normal. You can use this fun video to introduce her to puberty in a positive way.

Wearing leakproof panties can help her during her unsure days. Introduce her to the puberty needs such – Period panty, sanitary napkins, panty liners etc


A proper preparation can help her understand her body and periods with self confidence. Give her instances from your past to help her with her future. Derive lessons in fun ways to open her up and help her relate about what could happen and how she could avoid them. While in this conversation, you can also educate her about the risks and measures she needs to take while she’s out with her peers. We, at Adira have curated a period starter kit that with all the period essentials that she would need.

Adira Period Starter kit


This talk doesn’t end here, it is just the beginning. After periods you can talk to her about her body changes, teach her how to protect her self in different situations. Space for a conversation around sensitive situations can be created here, this is the right time. Talks related to sexual abuse, eve teasing, sex education can be a few topics you could enlighten her about later.

Befriending your daughter will not only give her a trustworthy friend to talk and help her with a cup of counselling whenever required but will also help you get some load off while you know you’re aware of what’s happening with her.

Cheers to womanhood!

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