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Period Boxer Innovation

Period Boxer

Soft & Comfy Panties That Don't Let You Stain

Period Boxers are made of high quality leak proof and breathable
fabric that prevents stains. They have a special support patch to
affix the pad so that the inner thigh region is protected
from stains. The boxer fit period panty prevents stains in the
front, back inner thigh regions. They are the best choice
for high flow and high activity days.

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Period Hipster

Stain Protection Guaranteed On Medium Flow Days

These panties are made with soft cotton leak proof & breathable
crotch. The width of the crotch is slightly larger to accommodate a pad.
They are the right option for low and medium flow days.
They are also the choice for tampon
and menstrual cup users.

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Period Hipster Innovation

Starter Bra & Cami

Starter Bras & Camis

Discreet & Comfy, Perfect For Blossoming Bodies.

Made with soft padding to prevent the show of nipple buds
during puberty. The loops help to adjust the lift
and the soft yet firm elastic at the waist provides support.

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LeakProof Panty

Say No More Awkward Period Surprises

Made with a leak proof & breathable crotch, these everyday
panties are helpful for women with unpredictable menstrual cycles
like in case of PCOD.They are also extremely useful for young girls
going through puberty, when the period cycle is not established.
They are also a popular choice for women to use to stay dry & fresh..

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LeakProof Panty