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Skincare Tips For Your Growing Daughter

by Dispatch Yashram on Mar 03, 2022

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As a mother, it is your responsibility to talk to your daughter about puberty and personal hygiene, especially, when she is old enough to have her first period otherwise such sudden changes in her body might scare her. Apart from having the ‘talk’, you can also gift this fun-educational book on puberty to her that will also teach her tips on personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene is important for a healthy and disease-free life and it is best for your daughter to learn this early on and take measures to maintain optimum levels of health and fitness. When it comes to skincare, something that young girls are insecure about, there are certain tips that your daughter can benefit from to take care of her skin. These tips are:


Cleansing the skin is the foremost step and is an integral part of any skincare routine and a must to teach your daughter. It helps get rid of excess oil and dirt and dust that people collect throughout the day, especially, children that play outside for longer periods or stay outdoors for some reason or other. You can get your daughter a cleanser that suits her skin; there are special cleansers made for extra-oily skin, dry skin and others. Washing her face twice a day, especially at night, would help keep oil under control and avoid pimples.


Contrary to myths, moisturising is important for all skin types including the oily skin type as well because with cleansers and other products you strip your skin of its natural oil and need to replace it with something or it will produce more oil to compensate. For your daughter’s skin, consider her age (also keeping in mind her skin type) and select a light moisturiser that will not be too harsh on her skin and yet serve the purpose.

Acne Treatment

Young girls worry a lot about acne and getting spots on their faces; you can let her try some acne-fighting treatments with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide. Make her understand how popping pimples will lead to them spreading all over her face; this will encourage her to avoid such habits and also take care of her skin.

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Beyond Skincare Routines

Apart from skincare, teach your daughter to be cautious of her hygiene during periods. Encourage her to use period panties which will ensure she has a comfortable period without worries of staining and can enjoy daily activities as well; teach her how to maintain hygiene during periods by washing vaginal area, thoroughly cleaning her hands after changing pads, disposing of pads in the correct way and other things. You might also like to read this blog to decide whether you should suggest shaving or waxing hair to your daughter.

Ensure that your daughter understands that all this is part of puberty and doesn’t over-stress herself about all this or feel overwhelmed; instead, try to make her enjoy these prime years of her life to the fullest!


Taking care of your daughter's skin is an important part of her overall health and hygiene. Several tips for skin care such as cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin from the sun emphasize the importance of developing good habits early on and choosing products that are safe and appropriate for your daughter's age and skin type.

Overall, it is a helpful resource for parents who want to ensure their daughters develop healthy skincare habits and maintain healthy skin throughout their lives.

More than anything be a friend to your daughter as she steps into puberty!

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