Has Your Favorite Celeb Done Padman Challenge Yet?

by Dispatch Yashram on Mar 03, 2022

image of famous celebrities celebrating padman challenge

Bollywood is getting people to talk about even the most hush-hush subject like menstrual periods and pads!!! And aren’t we just loving it!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that people, let alone celebrities, would begin to talk about this “taboo” subject!!

All of us remember the covert operations that went into buying a pad from the grocery or medical store – don’t we? Walking up all nervous and “whispering” “Pad chaiyee” and seeing the Bhaiyaa pack it in the newspaper. And then to be doubly sure the Bhaiyaa would place it in a black fully opaque bag – as if men’s eyes fell on them, they would go blind!! Such was the stigma surrounding a natural process that every woman underwent!!

Now that Bollywood has woken up and is talking about – women’s hygiene it has become super cool to be seen holding up a pad! Not that we’re complaining!

Check out these super cool celebs who have no qualms about being seen with a pad in their hands.

#1. Akshay Kumar


Portraying the real-life Padman “Arunachalam Muruganatham” aka The Menstrual Man – Akshay Kumar has single-handedly made the menstrual talk – mainstream!!!

#2. Arjun Kapoor


Not to be left behind – we have the handsome hunk Arjun Kapoor who too was happy to strike a pose with a pad!!

#3. Farhan Akhtar


Always the guy who takes a stand! It was awesome to see Farhan Akhtar doing his bit for women’s hygiene.

#4. Aamir Khan


Aamir Khan too has supported many causes – and so how could he have been left behind in this initiative?

#5. Karan Johar


Blessed with twins, a boy and a girl – Karan Johar is doing daughter Roohi proud by opening up the conversation about women’s periods.

#6. Anil Kapoor


Amazing to see this “senior” actor not shying away from the #PadmanChallenge. Here is he proudly holding up a sanitary napkin! Sonam must be so proud!

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Has your favourite celebrity done this challenge? Did you know that Virat Kohli and many other celebs too have been nominated by Akshay for this challenge? Let’s see who is going to join this elite list!

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