Period & Running – Let’s Hear From A Runner

by customer care on Mar 03, 2022

Period & Running – Let’s Hear From A Runner

Do you wonder if you can go running on your period? Well, in our last article, we heard Dr Rajat’s expert opinion on running and staying fit. Now, let’s hear from Radhika Jayaraman, a runner who took up running a little late and hasn’t stopped running since. She grows stronger with every running season.

Do You Think Women Stop Training During Their Periods?

I personally don’t bloat or have cramps during periods. This is probably because I am active every day of the month. So I would suggest women work out during their periods. If they are not too comfortable, maybe they can cut back a little. They should try stretching and simple strengthening exercises and this will help them get through easily.

In Your Opinion, What Is The Best Way To Deal With Bloating And Cramping?

I usually work out during my periods. Whether it’s aerobics, gym or running, it has not affected me in any way. Instead, I feel much better after a workout. So, I would suggest women have a healthy workout routine even when they have their period. I believe it actually helps relieve issues like bloating & cramping.

Does Period Affect Your Running Performance?

I have done long-distance runs during my periods. My advice is that again if a person has no back pain stomach pain or too heavy bleeding then nothing should stop them from running.

In General, What’s Your Advice To Women About Staying Healthy & Fit?

If a person does not have heavy bleeding or cramps, I would advise people to not stop working out during their periods. Maybe they can do something light and avoid abs workouts. They can also do exercises which does not involve lifting the legs up so that one does not put too much pressure on the uterus.

Radhika Jayaraman is a fitness enthusiast. She has completed 12 half marathons(21.1 km) with her best timing at 1hr 50min  for a half marathon. She completed her full marathon(42.2) in Mumbai this year in just 4hrs 38min. She has been running for just 2 years now. 

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