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Stages Of Period Cycle — Teaching Your Daughter About It

Stages Of Period Cycle — Teaching Your Daughter About It

It is common for mothers to be concerned, and even confused, about how to talk to their young daughters about periods, period cycle, how it works and, moreover, about how to deal with it and help them too. Read on further to understand how you can teach your daughter about periods; also, how you should deal with it.


Before talking to her, it is important for you to understand the stages in a period cycle –

  1. Pre-ovulation Phase – The hormones in the body of a woman stimulate development of eggs and lining of the uterus, called the endometrium, to thicken.
  2. Ovulation Phase – Mature egg is released from the ovary and into the thick lining.
  3. Premenstrual Phase – Hormones trigger your body to continue developing the lining of the uterus for supporting the egg if it gets fertilised, however, when you don’t get pregnant i.e. the egg is not fertilised, the lining is shed through the vaginal opening.
  4. Menstruation Phase – The lining of the uterus leaves through the vaginal opening. This is called the ‘Period’.


When talking to your daughter about puberty, understand that talking about just periods is not enough; talk openly with her about how puberty will make changes in her body; like, breast development, hair growth and more.

Remember that –

  • Don’t Shy Away From Talking About Periods – Start talking about menstruation openly with your daughter once she reaches an age; don’t try to postpone it. You can read our article Why, When & How To Talk The Period Talk With Your Daughter to help you.
  • Make it Easy for Her to Understand – Talk about it in general terms that is easy for her to understand; mention the changes her body would undergo.
  • Share Your Own Experience – The best way to make your daughter understand what you are saying is to share your experience/s with her.
  • Realise that ‘I Don’t Know’ is Acceptable – If you don’t know something, it is best to tell her so and then once you know the answer, get back to her.
  • Never Shrug-off Any of Her Concerns – Don’t simply put-off her concerns as childish or meaningless as this will discourage her from asking you her queries or sharing any of her problems. Talk to her gently about her concerns. You can read about tips to deal with your teen’s puberty fears here.
  • Sit Down With Her and Talk About the Reproductive System – It would be helpful for her to understand more about the reproductive system; talk in a language that is appropriate for her age and makes more sense to her. You can buy her Ms.P’s Guide For Girls, a fun book that will help he understand her growing body better.



You can also consider gifting her the period starter pack from Adira which has period panties, a fun-educational book on puberty and lot of other things to make it easy for her.

Welcome your daughter into womanhood!

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