Gift Your Daughter A Starter Period Pack

by Dispatch Yashram on Mar 03, 2022

Period Starter Kit Image By Adira

Puberty is a naturally healthy and natural process. This does not stop a mom from worrying about her daughter getting her first period. It could be because her own experience with her the first period might not have been a pleasant one.

All of us have heard incidents of girls waking up in a pool of blood and not knowing what to do or having undergone a similar unprepared incident. You should definitely read our blog on preparing your daughter for her periods. This fun and positive video “Puberty talk for girls” as part of How to tell your Child series is a friendly way to start the conversation. A specially curated period starter pack is a happy introduction to periods. It will definitely help them in looking after themselves in a confident self-assured manner.

Here Are The Five Reasons Why:

1. She Might Not Remember Everything You Tell Her

Puberty Lesson Guide Book For Girls

As a responsible parent, you would have had a conversation with your daughter, but then it might not be easy for her to remember everything. Our Miss P’s guide for girls as part of the pack comes to the rescue. It covers a host of topics including periods, breast development and much more. You can also introduce her to our fun-educational videos on Period Products “Period Buddies”

2. Getting To Know Her Cycles Better

Diary For Daughters

The starter pack comes with a cute diary to mark her periods. Introduces her to the concept of recording her cycles which is extremely helpful in the long run. 

3. For The High Flow Days

Period Boxer For High Flow Days

The boxer period panties in the pack are a boon for high flow days. The US Patented design is skin-friendly and breathable. It prevents front, back and Inner thigh staining. It has a special support layer that holds the pad in place.

4. For Other Days

Period Hipster For Low Flow Days

The hipster period panties is highly recommended for the low and medium flow days

 5. For Carrying Her Pads

Pouch For Carrying Pads

The well thought out period pack has a discreet cute looking pouch to carry her pads to the loo.

6. Bonus

Period Starter Kit By Adira

The starter pack comes in an attractive Girl Power Box to keep all her trinkets. As you can see, the Starter Pack has been put together with a lot of thought and care which will help the girl child in looking at themselves positively.


Providing your daughter with a starter period pack can be a thoughtful and helpful gesture that can make her feel prepared and supported as she enters puberty. A period pack typically contains essential items that can come in handy during her first period. 

It can also be an opportunity for parents to have an open and honest conversation about menstruation, normalizing a natural bodily process, and addressing any concerns or questions their daughter may have. 

By giving her a period pack and discussing menstruation, parents can help their daughters feel more confident and informed as they navigate this new stage of life.

A Positivity That Stays With Her For Life.

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