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Testimonial Review For Period Panty
- Anita Singhi

“After using the hipster my daughter is so happy that I can't tell you guys. Before using this product my daughter was scared of her periods, but now she doesn't bother about anything. I live in a joint family and have 5 girls. All are using Adira products.”

Period Panty Product Review
- Laxmi Jat

“Teen Period Panties is a very good product, my daughter finds it's hygiene, comfortable, and avoids leaks. Thank you Adira.”

Review For Period Panty
- Neha Sinha

“The period panty size for my daughter is perfect. She feels very comfortable after trying it on, and it provides support for a pad, which makes her more comfortable during the days.”

Image Of Best Period Panty Review
- Kiranmai Reddy

“Thank you, Adira. I was really impressed by the product's high quality. I would suggest it to all teenagers.”

Customer Review For Period Panty
- Shivangi Routela

“The product is life changing for plus size women. The quality of the product is amazing and available in all sizes. The customer care service is outstanding. Quality and comfort is unspeakable. Thank you very much for considering plus size as part of your business.”

Review By Satisfied Customer
- Diviya Muthukumar

“As a mother, keeping your daughter comfortable is our main priority. While browsing for teen-friendly hygiene products, I stumbled upon MyAdira's website back in 2017. Since then, I have continued to return here. I have purchased various products from this site, and they never fail to impress me. Each product lives up to its description and is long-lasting.”

Moms Review For Period Panty
- Rajini Pradeep

“Adira products are always good, as expected.”