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★Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs.1000 ★
Modal - A fine fabric

Modal - A fine fabric

Why Modal?

Modal is rich, lightweight , water absorbent, eco friendly and a sustainable fabric. This fabric is now preferred by most of the fashion and apparel brands. Because of its higher resistance to shrinkage than cotton and its ability to not twist like other fabrics, modal helps garments keep their shape.

modal properties

Being made from Beechwood pulp, its natural properties allow breathability so sweat and moisture are quickly released and not trapped next to the skin. Modal is everywhere. Something beyond just fibre, modal is made to be super absorbent. The natural fabrics like cotton, wool , linen that are extracted from tree barks, modal is a fibre, that’s a mix of man made process and natural tree pulp.

Softness, clean look, vibrant dyes make this fabric a demandable one. Modal is curated to be a luxury of natural fibre and  practicability of synthetic fibre. It has properties of water absorption and air permeability that’s better than cotton.

Introducing Period Panties and Starter Bras in soft, luxurious modal fabrics.

  1. Tailored so well, feels like nothing. 
  2. Fabric so absorbent, keeps you dry and fresh all day. 
  3. Salient composition with premium grade micro modal fabric making it 3X softer than cotton.
  4. Moisture wicking technology to keep you sweat free.

modal inner wear

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