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Menopausal Weight Gain : 4 Tips To Prevent It

Menopausal Weight Gain : 4 Tips To Prevent It

A lot of women tend to gain weight during menopause even if they don't eat more than they did previously. This happens when a woman is around the age of 48- 52 years. This is due to hormonal changes that the body is going through. Menopausal weight gain is not totally unavoidable. Making positive changes in diet and exercise will help to avoid menopausal weight gain. This will also help in general emotional well being.


  • With onset of menopause or perimenopause, our metabolic rate tends to drop causing weight gain. Starting off on a good exercise regime with balanced cardio and weight training will help you increase your metabolic rate.
  • It could also be because we tend to be physically less active than before, causing our muscle mass to reduce and fat deposits to increase. So this is the right time to start off on a good strength building exercise regime to build muscle mass. Also having a protein rich diet will help retain muscle mass.
  • We may also get into comfort eating as we adjust to changes taking place with us. Eating a good diet with complex carbs and high proteins will help you stay fit. Avoid refined carbohydrates such as white bread, white rice, sugary drinks, sweets, alcohol, cakes and biscuits.
  • We may be stressed and producing excesses of the hormone cortisol which often causes us to put on weight especially around our waists. Getting good sleep and staying optimistic will help. Joining a local yoga studio will help to keep you calm as well as build strength. Weight gain is one of the many other symptoms of menopause. You can read about the other symptoms and treatments here.
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Regular exercise, eating healthy and staying positive is your mantra towards battling any adverse effects of menopause.

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