Are Tampons Safe For Your Daughter?

by Dispatch Yashram on Mar 03, 2022

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At the time when teenage girls get to know about the menstrual period, they start asking a lot of questions regarding pads and whether they should use tampons over pads. Girls, who are actively involved in swimming or sports, may worry a lot that their pads are going to interrupt their sports activities. Prior to deciding whether a teenage girl should use tampons or not, they should properly know about the safety of tampons and whether they are okay to use it for the first time of menstruation.

You possibly know whether pads or tampons are perfect for your daughter, or you have probably abandoned both options by now in favour of a menstrual cup. Nevertheless, if you are curious to know whether tampons are better and safer than pads, then read on the advantages and disadvantages of these menstrual hygiene products.

Advantages Of Tampons:


Some girls can feel uncomfortable using pads due to its size whereas tampons are pretty easy to use. They are usually small enough to snuggle with no issue.


No Wet Feeling:

If your daughter wants to stay away from your unclean underwear during periods, tampons would be the better way to prevent that wet feeling.


Freedom Of Movement: 

Undoubtedly, this is a big advantage of using tampons over using pads. Sports or swimming would be fun-filled and full of confidence as you don’t have any worry about leaking all over your sportswear or swimsuit. Tampons really provide more freedom of movement than pads.



This is surely the best benefit of using tampons – not just your daughter can insert them easily but also can remove them using its cotton string. If she inserts a tampon properly, it will not give her any feeling of sensation during her period.


Easier To Forget About: 

The tampons’ discreet nature implies that your daughter will possibly forget about it easily and also how long they have been inside of her.


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    Disadvantages Of Tampons:

    Toxic Shock Syndrome:

    Though rare, TSS is still a consideration for risk. When super absorbent tampons are used, TSS appears to occur which brings a staph infection. And this absorbency usually attracts bacteria for collecting around the tampons. Hence, it’s safer to use the lower absorbency tampons and instantly visit a doctor if you find any symptoms of TSS.


    Getting The Wrong Size:

    Tampons are for menstrual hygiene and don’t come in one size only. Its little weird to measure the specific size for your vagina and particular flow. Some are perfect but flood just within an hour whereas some appear ideal but are really big.


    Possibly Uncomfortable Insertion:


    This happens when your daughter uses a tampon applicator. Being the most sensitive part of the body, inserting a tampon applicator can be a little difficult for the first-time user. Often this insertion can be painful and in case you put it wrongly, you need to give more pressure which is more painful for her.

      Tampons Vs Pads: Who Is The Winner?

      Pads are the absorbents worn inside the underwear while tampons are the plugs of absorbents that are inserted into the vagina. None of these two is going to be the winner by every department. Girls select both tampons and pads in huge amounts; hence it’s clear that there is no certain benefit of them. Usually, it’s about selecting the one that fits you the best. If you want freedom of movement, lower fuss, and freedom of movement, then tampons would be the best choice. Besides pads will be your friend if you are okay with wet feeling, longer wear, and no annoying insertion.

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      How To Use Tampons For The First Time?

      Let us discuss the best ways to use tampons for beginners:

      • Wash your hands and unwrap the tampon.
      • Safely pull the tampon string to insert the tampon into the vagina.
      • Gently push the inner application so the tampon reaches its tip.
      • Now stand, spread your knees apart and insert the tampon into the vagina.
      • Put the applicator tip into your vagina’s opening and push it towards the lower back.
      • Continue pushing it back until you feel that it’s properly inserted.
      • Keep pushing the inner tube until you insert the tampon completely.
      • Ensure the inner and outer applicator tube ends meet.
      • Gently pull the applicator out if you feel the string hanging out.

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      It is to be concluded that tampons should be often changed on time in order to avoid some risks like TSS risk which can even lead to death. Hence, if your daughter is feeling uncomfortable while using tampons, you should immediately take her to the doctor. You can learn more about Period Panties here, and using Adira Period Panty will keep her stain-free and hygienic, no matter whether she is using pads or tampons during her menstrual period.

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