How To Protect Your Daughter From Early Puberty?

by customer care on Mar 03, 2022

Protect Your Daughter From Early Puberty

About a century ago, the onset of menstruation was around 15 years. Over the past decades, the average age has been reduced to 12 years. In some alarming cases, 7, 8 and 9 year old girls have got their first period. Early puberty can lead to emotional and physical problems as young girls are just not ready for the new challenges. In this article, you will learn the reasons for early puberty and how to protect your daughter from it.

The main culprit for this seems to be due to changes in food habits, food quality and physical activity.

Here Are Ways To Prevent Early Puberty:

  • Reduce or completely cut off junk food and drinks from her diet.
  • Increase physical activity and ensure she is not overweight.
  • Avoid white bread and pasta. Stick with whole-grain products.
  • Eat organic. Ensure that her diet has lots of fruits & vegetables.
  • Avoid plastic wrapped foods and plastic water bottles.
  • Avoid reheating food in plastic containers.
Tips To Prevent Early Puberty In Girls
Tips To Prevent Early Puberty

You can help your daughter through this critical journey by being around for her. You can read our blog on how to prepare your daughter for her first period at school.

Here Are Some Of The Things She Will Need Through This Growing Up Phase:

  • Breast development starts from the age of around 8 years. The camisole or vest that she wore when she was a child will not suffice now. The nipple and nipple buds start to develop before the breast mould starts to develop. She will need to start wearing starter bras that give her the coverage, lift and support that ease her into wearing a bra later on. Starter Bras or Camisoles are designed for this very purpose. You can choose the right ones here.
  • Period never comes with an announcement and even the first period of every girl is always a surprise. Adira’s range of Leakproof Panties are designed so that when she does get her first period, it is not an embarrassing one. Leak Proof Panties have a crotch that is made of a technical fabric that is soft cotton, leakproof and breathable. They are also handy replacements for daily underwear as they keep a girl dry and fresh from everyday discharge.
  • Having a few Period Panties ready in the drawer for when she does get her period will be useful. You can also gift her a period starter pack that will be a sweet way of welcoming her into womanhood.


While early puberty is a complex issue that can have both genetic and environmental causes, there are steps parents can take to help protect their daughters.

By promoting a healthy lifestyle, limiting exposure to endocrine disruptors and staying informed about their daughter's health, parents can help delay the onset of puberty and support their daughter's physical and emotional well-being.'

By working together with healthcare professionals, parents can ensure that their daughter receives the best care and support possible.

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