Why, When & How To Have The Period Talk With Your Daughter?

by customer care on Feb 28, 2022

Having Period Talk With Your Daughter
  • Why Should You Talk To Her?

The start of her period is a major event in your daughter’s life. If you have a positive conversation about it, it will help her to look at herself with positivity.

Here are some tips explaining why you should talk to her about periods:

  • It's A Natural Process: 

Menstruation is a natural process that half the population experiences and talking about it openly helps to reduce stigma and shame.

  • Promotes Education: 

Educating girls about menstruation can help them understand their bodies and what to expect when they start menstruating.

  • Builds Trust And Support: 

Talking to girls about periods can help build trust and support between parents, guardians or educators and the girls in their care.

  • Encourages Preparedness:

By talking about periods, girls can learn about different menstrual products and how to use them which can help them feel more prepared when they start menstruating.

  • Promotes Good Hygiene: 

 Proper menstrual hygiene is important for overall health and well-being and discussing periods can help girls understand the importance of good hygiene practices.

  • Helps To Address Health Concerns:

If girls experience any menstrual health concerns, talking about periods with a trusted adult can help them seek the appropriate medical attention.

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When Should You Talk To Her?

On average, most girls start their periods when they’re 12 or 13 years old. So it’s ideal to have had this conversation before she turns 12.

Follow these tips on when you should talk to her about periods:

  • Before Puberty: 

 It's best to start talking to girls about periods before they reach puberty which is typically between the ages of 8-13 years old.

  • When She Shows Signs Of Puberty: 

If a girl starts showing signs of puberty such as breast development or pubic hair growth, it's a good time to start discussing periods with her.

  • When She Starts Asking Questions: 

 If a girl starts asking questions about periods, it's important to answer them honestly and openly even if she's not yet experiencing them.

  • At The Right Time For Your Family: 

Some families may feel more comfortable discussing periods at certain ages or stages of development. It's important to find the right time for your family and for the individual girl.

  • Before Starting School Activities: 

 If a girl is about to start school activities like swimming, it's important to discuss periods and menstrual products so that she feels prepared and confident.

  • When She Starts Menstruating: 

 If a girl starts menstruating, it's important to provide her with the necessary information and support to help her manage her period.

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How Should You Talk To Her?

  • Use Age-Appropriate Language: 

When talking to young girls, use simple language and avoid technical terms. As she gets older, you can gradually introduce more complex terms.

  • Be Open And Honest: 

Be open and honest about what periods are and how they work. Answer any questions she may have truthfully and without shame or embarrassment.

  • Focus On The Positive: 

Emphasize that menstruation is a natural process and not something to be ashamed of. discuss the benefits of menstruation such as the ability to bear children.

  • Discuss Menstrual Products:

 Discuss the different types of menstrual products available such as pads, tampons and menstrual cups. Explain how to use them and their pros and cons.

  • Talk About Menstrual Hygiene: 

 Discuss the importance of good menstrual hygiene and how to maintain it. Explain how to change menstrual products regularly to avoid odour and infection.

  • Provide Emotional Support:

 Reassure her that she can talk to you or another trusted adult about any questions or concerns she may have. Let her know that menstruation is a normal part of growing up and that it's okay to feel confused or anxious about it.

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Having a period talk with your daughter is an important step in preparing her for the physical and emotional changes that come with puberty. It is important to start the conversation early and provide accurate information in a supportive and understanding manner.

 By doing so, you can help your daughter feel empowered and confident in managing her period and overall health. Remember to create a safe and comfortable environment for her to ask questions and express her concerns.

 With open communication and guidance, you can help your daughter navigate this important development aspect with confidence and ease.

You can watch this fun video from HowToTellYourChild with her and then have a conversation with her.

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