Puberty And Growth Spurts In Girls: What Every Mom Needs To Know?

by Dispatch Yashram on Mar 03, 2022

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When it comes to their daughter’s growth and development – every mother is concerned about her height and weight growth. With adolescence and puberty just around the corner, the second growth spurt is more confusing for the child as well as the parent. 

With surges of estrogen in girls, puberty triggers many physical changes that lead to sexual maturity. Your daughter may enter puberty anywhere between the ages of 8 and 13. Growth spurts can occur before, during or after puberty – although the growth of girls usually slows down by the age of 14 – unlike boys who can grow until the age of 16. This short window is when moms can load up on their daughter’s nutrition and ensure maximum development.

With puberty comes the growing pains – making this a time that is socially and physically awkward for your daughter. Avoid comparing your daughter to others or commenting on how tall “that” one has grown. Instead, try to provide honest answers to any questions your daughter may have.

Always encourage or praise your daughter’s physical and psychological development. This growth spurt will come with its fair share of rebellions and it may become increasingly difficult to impose rules on your daughter. Ensure that the basics of nutrition, sleep, and physical activity are adhered to!! To do this – you have to be the role model here and closely monitor your daughter through this difficult phase.

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Is Your Daughter Going Through a Growth Spurt? Look for These 5 Signs

#1. Clothes Become Smaller

The very first sign of your daughter’s growth spurt will be that she is rapidly outgrowing her clothes. Those skin-tight gorgeous jeans that you bought last month are now way above the ankle!!! Already!!!  You may also begin to notice that her dresses and trousers are now tighter around the waist.

#2. Bigger Joints And Bones

Your daughter starts to experience an increase in the length of bones during the second growth spurt. Keep an eye out for elbows, knees and shoulder joints jutting out from under her clothes – this is a sure sign of growth spurts. In girls – the most noticeable growth is spotted at the hips – they begin to widen rapidly.

#3. Strong Body Odour

You will soon begin to complain of a strong body odour that wasn’t present earlier in your daughter!! This is a very strong indicator of a growth spurt. This odour happens because of active sweat and oil glands. While your daughter may prefer deos and perfumes – a good warm bath is a good way to tackle the odour.

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#4. Increase In Appetite

Growth spurts are accompanied by a huge increase in appetite. As your daughter’s body grows, it will need a  lot of energy to keep up with the developmental changes happening. She may very well turn into a voracious eater and may become hungry every couple of hours –  without showing an increase in weight gain.

#5. Voice Changes

Though more noticeable in boys,  both genders experience voice changes. Sometimes these changes are very subtle, and most parents don’t notice them.

Fueling Your Teen's Growth With A High Protein Diet

Parents often miss out on the 2nd growth spurt due to a lack of awareness. During the 2nd growth spurt, your daughter will go through physical, emotional and hormonal changes. A balanced diet is crucial to match your daughter’s growing needs. It is crucial to take care of the protein needed to meet the growing demand for kids.

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Prepare a meal plan for a high-protein diet. This will help the child in the growing years. The nutrition requirement is more during the adolescent year. A high-protein diet will support the rapid growth spurt. It will also have a positive effect on the growth and development of children. Additionally, protein is crucial to increase overall muscle mass and it also boosts essential hormones like insulin.

Role Of Protein -

Protein is very must for a growing child,  it influences the production and secretion of essential hormones. It promotes the secretion of IGF 1(insulin-like growth factor), which is popularly known as the growth hormone. Additionally, IGF is essential for bone growth and to increase bone density.

Here are some sources of best quality protein which includes all the essential amino acids.

  1. Milk and milk products
  2. Eggs
  3. Soya milk and soya products
  4. All meat products
  5. Lentils and sprouts

Calcium – Calcium is a crucial component for healthy bone development.

Vitamin D- Vitamin D helps and boosts the absorption of calcium into the bones.

Iron – It is significant to increase blood cell formation and also increases immunity in a child.

We hope this article helped you cope with your daughter's growth spurt! How did you cope with your daughter’s second growth spurt? Share below!!

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Puberty and the second growth spurt can be confusing and challenging for both daughters and mothers. 

However, with the right nutrition, monitoring and support, parents can help their daughters reach their full potential during this crucial phase of development.

Keeping an eye out for signs of growth spurts, such as increased appetite, body odour and clothes becoming too small, can help mothers adjust their daughter's diet and lifestyle accordingly. 

By prioritizing a balanced diet rich in protein, calcium, vitamin D and iron, mothers can help their daughters grow and develop into healthy and strong young women.

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