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Starter Kit For Your Daughter’s First Period

Starter Kit For Your Daughter’s First Period

If you are wondering how to start talking to your daughter about puberty, periods and hygiene issues then worry not; we at Adira, understand how important it is to ‘correctly’ talk to a young girl about puberty and inculcate a positive body image in her and that is why we have curated a one-of-a-kind puberty starter pack.  It consists of the following things –


This is a fun-educational book with clear illustrations that will take your daughter on a journey of puberty that will not be embarrassing at all. Lots of topics are covered in the book including breast development, periods, body shapes, health and personal hygiene and much more.


This is a fun diary which has been made keeping in mind the age and interest of young girl. It will help your daughter mark her cycles and keep track of them; this will help her in remembering them over sometime.


The boxer panties is a great option for high flow days as it prevents staining and is made with soft cotton that is comfortable as well so she can wear it to school or outdoors. It also comes with a support patch for sanitary pads.


The hipster period panties are best for medium flow days; it also comes with a support patch for pads and prevents staining. Made with comfortable cotton, she would feel at ease when doing her daily activities.


Sling-style pouch in which your daughter can keep her sanitary pads and extra panties; she can carry it to the loo to change without feeling embarrassed.


All of these items come in a pretty box that can be used by your daughter later as well; she can use it to keep her things, like, bands, earrings, bracelets, hair clips and other trinkets. 

The Period Starter Pack is one of the best things you can gift your daughter. Sit with her and show her the things in the pack, teach her how to use each of them and talk to her openly about puberty and she shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it or let it interfere with her daily activities. You can share your experience of puberty with her and assure her that this happens with every woman in the world and is a natural and healthy process. 

Encourage her to carry the items in the period starter pack with her at all times; she can keep a sanitary pad and period panty in the pouch and carry it to school in her schoolbag when she is closer to her date, at least, till she is not sure about her cycles or if they are not regular. This will help her feel comfortable with periods and avoid embarrassment among her friends if she gets her period in school.

Be your daughter’s best friend; guide her as she steps into womanhood!

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