Causes Of Delayed Puberty In Girls

by customer care on Mar 03, 2022

Causes Of Delayed Puberty In Girls

The new era has brought in a lot of issues in child development and especially in girls. While there are some girls who start showing signs of puberty much earlier than and her peers, there are girls who experience delayed puberty. The average age for girls to reach maturity ranges from 10 to 12 years. Puberty is not just about period, but other changes like breast development, underarm and public hair and other physical and emotional changes.

Delayed puberty in girls is defined as the absence of breast development by the age of 13 or the absence of menstruation by the age of 16. There can be various factors that contribute to delayed puberty, including:

  • Genetics:

    If a girl's mother or other female relatives experienced delayed puberty, then there is a possibility for your daughter to experience a similar delay.
  • Chronic Illness:

    Certain chronic illnesses, such as hypothyroidism, celiac disease, or kidney disease, can affect hormone levels causing delayed puberty.
  • Malnutrition:

    Poor nutrition such as deficiency in essential vitamins and minerals can interrupt the hormonal changes necessary for puberty to occur.
  • Excessive Exercise Or Stress:

    Intense physical activity or emotional stress can disrupt hormone production and delay puberty.
  • Medications:

    Certain medications, such as those used to treat epilepsy or depression, can interfere with hormone production and delay puberty.
Hence, it is important to be watchful and make sure that children have a positive body image and do not indulge in extreme dieting. Ensure that your daughter has a healthy diet and exercises or plays a sport regularly. A healthy child is at a lower risk of delayed growth.  

    The maturational delay in girls is easily identifiable as the first sign of puberty is breast development. This is accompanied by mood changes and rapid growth. Do read our blog here to understand the various stages of breast development and choose the right starter bra for your daughter and make sure that she is confident in herself.

    If your daughter is not showing any signs of sexual maturity by the age of 13, it is better that you consult a doctor. The doctor might request for pelvic ultrasound which will show follicular changes and ovarian growth to ascertain if puberty is imminent. The doctor might order more tests based on the results of the pelvic ultrasound examination.

    Puberty is a new and beautiful phase of a woman’s life. At the onset, there is too much uncertainty. At Adira,  we have the exact products to take care of uncertainty like leakproof panties and period panties.


    Delayed puberty is not necessarily a cause for concern, but it is important to monitor your daughter's development and consult with a healthcare provider if there are any concerns. 

    While there are various factors that can contribute to delayed puberty, such as genetics, chronic illness, and nutrition, it is essential to ensure that your daughter receives the necessary medical attention and support during this time. 

    By working with a healthcare provider and promoting healthy habits, you can help your daughter navigate through puberty and ensure her overall well-being.

    As a parent, you can help your daughter with this transition. 

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