The 5 Stages Of Breast Development In Girls During Puberty

by customer care on Mar 03, 2022

Choose The Right Starter Bra For Your Daughter
A girl’s body starts developing into that of a young woman with the onset of puberty and this is usually before the start of her period. While each girl is unique and each one will develop differently, breast development starts around the age of 8 years. This article will help you understand the various breast development stages and how to choose the right starter bra for your daughter.

Breast Growth During Puberty Is Divided Into 5 Stages

Stage 1:

This is a stage before puberty where the breasts are flat with a small areola and a raised nipple. At this stage, she will not require a bra. She can use simple single-layered camisoles and vests.

Stage 2:

Breast buds develop in this stage. Tissue develops under each nipple and the areolae and nipples become bigger and darker in colour and she might feel some tenderness in the breasts.
At this stage, if she is getting conscious, she will need layered bras or camisoles so the breast bud does not show through her tops. She can opt to wear bras/camisoles made of cotton or other natural fabrics to help with the tenderness. Adira’s padded bras and padded camisoles will be the right choice for your girl.

Stage 3:

The breast buds grow larger and the breasts will start looking pointed and this might look awkward through her tops.
She will need a starter bra or camisole that gives her smoother coverage without making them look pointed. Adira’s quilted starter bra with the mid-way elastic will give her smooth coverage without looking point.

Stage 4: 

At this stage, the areola and nipple blend and the breast are still growing. Support and lift will be necessary as the breasts grow and get fuller and heavier. Adira’s quilt layered bras and quilted camisoles come with a fitted waistband and adjustable shoulder elastic, giving her support and lift.

Stage 5: 

This is the fully developed stage where the breasts are fuller and rounder. The areola is a mound above the breast and the nipple is raised above the areola. At this stage, she can progress into a regular women’s bra from a beginner/starter bra.

Empowering Girls Through Puberty: A Parent's Guide 

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It’s possible that young girls could become conscious through this stage and this could lead to body image problems and low confidence. Having positive conversations with her about puberty will help her. Ms P’s Guide For Girls is a fun and positive book on puberty that will help your daughter understand her changing body.
The average age for a girl to get her period is around 12 years it’s not uncommon to see that girls are getting their period earlier than usual these days.

You can read about early puberty & how to prevent it here.

You can check out Adira’s range of leakproof panties here. These panties are leakproof, made of cotton & hygienic. They will ensure that your daughter’s first period will not be embarrassing if she gets it at school or when she is out.


The decision to start wearing a bra during puberty is a personal choice and can vary from person to person. It is important to choose a bra that is comfortable, fits well and provides the necessary support.
 Adira's starter bra is a great option for young girls who are just beginning to wear bras as it is designed to provide comfort and support without compromising on style. Parents can also play an important role in helping their daughters transition by providing them with information, guidance and support. 
With the right bra and support, young girls can feel confident and comfortable as they go through this important stage of development.

Adira wishes all young girls a happy childhood and a positive journey through puberty.

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