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How To Measure Bra Size? Find Your Correct Size?

by Dispatch Yashram on Mar 03, 2022

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Do your breasts overflow from your bra or does your bra ride up your back? Almost 80 % of women wear the wrong size bra and they don’t even realize it. Finding the right size bra is crucial for comfort, support and proper fit. A bra size calculator can help you find the correct bra size that determines the right look and correct posture. Not using a bra size calculator to find your correct bra size can lead to breast sagging or breast pains. Wearing a bra in the wrong size can ruin the entire outfit as it does not provide the required support to carry breasts and the bulges look unflattering.

Tips On Finding The Correct Size Bra

Tips On How A Bra Should Fit
  1. The cups should cover the breasts front as well as sides without spilling out.

  2. The bra band should be straight around the ribcage with no gaps and should not ride up your back.

  3. The centre gore of the bra should be flat against your sternum with no gaps that give you a snug fit.

  4. The underwire bras should surround each breast without any overspill.

  5. The straps should stay on the shoulder without digging into the skin and should not slip off the shoulder.

  6. Use the bra size calculator to get the perfect fit bra.

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The entire fit of the bra is determined by below mentioned 4 factors

  1. Band size

  2. Cup size

  3. Strap adjustment

  4. How it looks under clothes

How To Find The Perfect Bra Size?

Wearing the wrong size bra can lead to bad posture and awkward looks. Using a bra-size calculator can ease your discomfort. For this, you will need a mirror and a measuring tape or you can take the help of a friend to do the measurement. Here's the guide to finding your bra size.

Image On How To Find The Perfect Bra Size

Step 1:Underbust Measurement (Band Size)

Wear a well-fit non-padded bra for better results.

Hold the measuring tape snugly under the bust, as tight as you want.

Write the nearest number in inches, if there is a decimal round off to the nearest whole number. So, if you get an even number add 4 inches to it. Add 5 inches if the number is odd. The total sum is your band size. If you have a total measurement of 34 inches, your band size is 38. The band size will be 40 if you measure 35 inches.

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Step 2: Bust Measurement

Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your chest, preferably at the nipple level. Now, round off the number to the closest whole number. This will be your bust size.

Step 3: Overbust Measurement (Cup Size)

To get the cup size, subtract the band size from your bust measurement.

If you measure 37 inches (bust size ) – 34 inches (band size). The difference will be 3 inches. Therefore your cup size will be 34C.

The bra size can differ as our bodies constantly change. This can be due to weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, gain in weight, etc. This can also be the reason that women are wearing the wrong-size bra.

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Avoiding Common Bra Fit Issues: Tips For A Better Fit

  1. While wearing the bra, bend forward and then hook it. This makes sure your breasts are completely in the cups.

  2. The back band of the bra should be at the same level as the front area. Adjust the band accordingly.

  3. Avoid wearing loose bras.

  4. To fix the falling strap, tighten the band and then keep the straps short.

  5. Your breasts should rest comfortably between your shoulders and you should not feel them tight or sagging.


Using a bra size calculator correctly is crucial for getting the perfect fit and avoiding discomfort or health issues in the long run. 

By measuring the band and cup size accurately and considering other factors such as breast shape and type of bra, you can ensure that you find the right size and style that will enhance your comfort, support and confidence. 

So, the next time you shop for a bra, take some time to use a bra size calculator and follow the steps carefully to find your perfect fit.

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