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Time To Learn About Your Vagina And Caring For It!

Time To Learn About Your Vagina And Caring For It!

We women don’t take special care when it comes to keeping our lady parts in shape, do we? Many of us usually ditch the annual exam that we should have. Considering the hush hush about sex – some women have loads of myths abou their vagina and what goes into maintaining a healthy vagina.

Some facts about your vagina that may be surprising for most women.

  • While men pee out of their penis, women don’t pee out of the vagina.
  • Women can catch sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) even when using a condom.
  • Contrary to popular myths, you can’t be revirginized again. Once you lose it – it’s gone. Done!!
  • All vulvas are different and special in their own way. Some lips hang down while some are tucked up neatly inside. All vulvas are beautiful -so don’t worry about the shape and size of yours.


1. Keep it clean
This is the very basic rule – wash it regularly and thoroughly with just warm water. Let dry and always wipe from front to back. Avoid too many scented soaps and body washes, as it can lead to drying the sensitive tissues around the vulva.

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2. Welcome Cotton Undies
Cotton undies are usually not as sexy as the lacy ones but it will keep your vagina clean, dry and allow it to breathe!! Using cotton underwear’s will allow your sensitive skin to breathe and prevent the saturation of sweat and bacteria.  Invest in a good cotton underwear, it will keep vagina away from infection.

3. Work Out
Kegel exercise plays a significant role in strengthening muscles of the pelvic floor so make them a part of your everyday exercises. It will help you to achieve ample of bladder control.

4. Clean Eating
In order to maintain a healthy vagina, eat clean and healthy. Include cranberry juice, yogurt, avocados, flax seeds, almonds into your diet. It will help you to maintain goo health. Especially, yogurt with live culture helps to boost the good bacteria which prevents common vaginal issues like a yeast infection and UTI.

5. Say Yes to condoms
Condoms do a respectable job well when it comes to protecting against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. According to studies, condoms help to maintain the vaginal PH level so that the good bacteria called lactobacilli can survive inside. The bacteria is also helpful to prevent the yeast infection, urinary infection and other issues. After sex, peeing is important, so be sure to do that. Then, wash your vagina with plain water. Peeing and washing will flush out harmful bacteria which have entered during intercourse.

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6. Change Pads/Tampons Frequently
Even if the pad /tampon is not fully soaked, it is advisable to change your pad every 3-4 hours. During the period there are high chances of bacterial infection in and around the vaginal area. Always wash your vagina before changing a pad or tampon.

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7. Trim, shave and get rid of unwanted hair
Always trim, wax or shave unwanted vaginal hair. It is good from an hygiene perspective. Avoid using hair removal creams, as it is not advisable to use chemical filled products in sensitive areas. This may lead to infection and inflammation.

8. Say yes to annual examination
It is must to visit your gynecologist one a year. An annual pelvic examination is important to identify any  health issues. Discuss using condoms, fertility, sex queries, and chances of STDs with your gynecologist if you have any specific queries.

9. Go commando at night
It allows your lady parts to breathe, especially during night. So allow your body to rest and change into your night clothes, leaving the panty in the laundry hamper.

10. Watch out for vaginal discharges
Not all discharges are concerning as they are a way to flush out bacteria. Visit your doctor if your vaginal discharge is smelly, itchy or causing irritation. Some women as they grow older begin to suffer from incontinence. Incontinence is loss of control over urine, and this can make you feel like you are always “discharging” something from your privates. If you suffer from incontinence, then you must consider using incontinence panties.

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