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Wax Or Shave ? Truly A Personal Choice.

Wax Or Shave ? Truly A Personal Choice.

Onset of puberty, brings in a lot of changes in girls. From changing body shape, breast development, getting their period and of course hair growth. Hair growth in pubic and underarms region and this could make them feel awkward. Hair removal is both a sensitive and private topic and should be dealt with physically and emotionally. Few of the first questions in dealing with it are “Hair Removal Or No” and ” Wax Or Shave”.  In this article, we will try and address those questions so that you and your daughter make the best decision for her.


Being a mom myself, I understand that these are tough questions and we all want the best for our daughters. First things first, it’s important that our daughters feel comfortable with their growing bodies. It’s important to tell them what puberty brings and that every girl in every corner of the world goes through similar physical changes and that even you went through the same. It’s important for her to realise that you are with her through this phase. Here is a fun video developed by our  Yashram’s social initiative that will help her understand herself better in a positive and fun way.

Now that we have addressed the more important emotional need, let’s get to the physical aspect of process of hair removal.


We are moving towards a more progressive and liberated world, where we are constantly testing and breaking boundaries. One such barrier that’s being tested by women across the world is exposing body hair and how there need be NO shame. I applaud the strength of Kiersey Clemons, a model who fought back online trolls for shaming her for posting a picture of herself with armpit hair.  There could be some daughters who wish not to shave and it’s perfectly fine.  As long as she is confident with herself, there is nothing to worry about.If you are wondering at what age you should consider hair removal, the right age would be when the hair is clearly visible and when she starts to get conscious and wants to rid herself of the hair. Let us look at the pros and cons of the different types of hair removal techniques that will help you make the best decision with her. Teach her how to take care of her vagina, read more here.


If she has just started hair growth and if the growth is not thick, you could also just trim it using a pair of scissors. This might prove to be little inconvenient as your daughter and you will be in awkward positions for an extended period of time. So, if you do choose to try this out, make sure that you are equipped with some hot chocolate and fun conversation.



  • Quick & easy
  • Not painful, so probably a better option for underarm and pubic areas.
  • A clean affair that she can get done with in the shower
  • You can teach her to do it herself


  • Hair grows back thicker & coarser
  • Possibility of nicks & cuts



  • Leaves a very smooth finish
  • Lasts much longer


  • A painful process, especially if it’s pubic or underarm hair.
  • Takes a much longer time
  • Messier affair that will leave things around sticky
  • She will need your help or you will need to take her to a salon for waxing

As a mom, the best thing you can do is to be by her side through her growing up years. Be it preparing your daughter for her first period, helping her choose her first bra or helping her make a decision on body hair. And I am sure you will raise a strong and beautiful young woman.


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