Leak Proof Panties: What Are They & Why Do You Need Them?

by Dispatch Yashram on Mar 03, 2022

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 The world of panties is big with many variants like sexy, plain & practical, lacy, cotton, synthetics and different fits like briefs, thongs and more. The new classification that we see nowadays are technical panties like period panties, leakproof panties, incontinence panties and such.

In this article, we introduce  Leak Proof Panties to you

What Are Leakproof Panties?

Leakproof panties are like regular panties, except that they have a leakproof crotch. They are different from Period Panties (also have a leakproof crotch), as these are meant to be used on non-period days. Now one might ask, why on earth would a girl or a woman require these kinds of panties? Here are the reasons why:

Why Do You Need Leakproof Panties?

  • For Prepubescent Girls: 
These panties are very useful for girls in their pre-pubescent age. Wearing leakproof panties every day will ensure that she will NOT stain when she first gets her period. Whether she is at school or out at play. As a mom, you can ensure that your daughter’s first period is not an embarrassing one. You can read about the 5 signs that your daughter will get her period soon here.
  • When Your Period Is Around The Corner: 
We all know that period comes unannounced. And there is no necessity to wear a pad in anticipation as you might be scared of accidents. When you know your period is expected in a day or two, wearing leakproof panties will keep you worry-free. They are especially helpful if you are at work or at school.
  •  For Women With PCOS:
Leakproof panties are beneficial for women with PCOS as their period cycles are unpredictable. Leakproof panties provide a reliable and comfortable solution to prevent leakage and help them feel more confident during their non-menstrual days.
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  • To Stay Dry Through The Day: 
Daily discharge in underwear is common in women. This is a normal fluid that helps clean and moisten the vagina. Wearing cotton leakproof panties (which absorb moisture and lets air circulate) will keep you both fresh & dry.
  • For Everyday Hygiene :
Leakproof panties can be used on day-to-day use. They can help you forgo the use of panty liners, which require regular disposal.
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  • Multipurpose And Useful

In packs of 3 and available in singles, Leakproof Panty by Adira has different colours. Leakproof panties are comfortable and helpful during unpredictable period days.


Leak-proof panties are a great innovation in the world of feminine hygiene. They provide women with a safe and reliable way to manage their periods on unsure days and any other forms of discharge that may occur.

Not only do they offer better protection than traditional pads or tampons, but they are also more comfortable and convenient to use. 

Furthermore, leak-proof panties are environmentally friendly, as they can be washed and reused multiple times. 

Overall, leak-proof panties are more sustainable and effective in managing periods and maintaining hygiene.

You can buy them here.

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