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Dealing With Incontinence As A Working Woman

Dealing With Incontinence As A Working Woman

Urinary incontinence, referred to as loss of bladder control, is a widely spread problem, especially, among women. As a working woman it might be much more troublesome to manage urinary incontinence with all your work commitments, however, with some efforts you can ensure that it doesn’t bother your work schedule or force you to live your life in a less fulfilling way. Apart from taking medical help, there are several things that you can do to manage incontinence, like –

Switch to Incontinence Panties


Low Bladder Control Panties
Low Bladder Control Panties


If you are suffering from incontinence, it would certainly be wise to switch to Incontinence Panties for some time as they will help you stay protected from bacterial and fungal infection and also keep you dry and odour-free all day long. Made from fabric that is soft and comfortable, this three-layered garment ensures you don’t have to worry much about odour issues of infections. There are several myths about incontinence and confusion, like, women wonder whether they are too young to use incontinence panties; however, understand that urinary incontinence can happen to anyone at any age. Instead of worrying about things, make changes and live your live happily.

Carry Extra Panties

If you have a severe case of urinary incontinence and feel unsure about yourself due to the same then it is better to carry a pair of extra panties with you to work or wherever you go. You should try to keep your vaginal area dry because extra moisture breeds fungus and bacteria; and, change your panties if you feel the need to do so.

Use Panty Liner

You can use panty liners as well for extra measure; they will help you stay dry and fresh by absorbing moisture. Nowadays, there are specific panty liners available for incontinence.

Do Kegels at Work

Kegels is a set of exercises involving contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles; it helps regain lost strength and control of the muscles and provides relief to people suffering from incontinence. The best part is that you can do this exercise routine even if you have a packed-day at work. You can get started at Kegels by following this routine –

  • Tighten your pelvic muscles for 5 seconds and then relax for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat it several times and then slowly increase the contraction and relaxation time.
  • Breathe freely while doing Kegels and focus on your pelvic floor muscles.
  • You can do this exercise twice or thrice a day; even in breaks at work.

Make Healthy Food and Drink Choices

You should avoid or limit the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and other such things which stimulate your bladder. Eat fruits and vegetables with high fibre content; make healthy choices when it comes to snacking, like, switch biscuits for fruits or take juice instead of that third or fourth cup of coffee at work.

Remember, urinary incontinence is curable; don’t hesitate, talk to a doctor so that they can help you get your life on track. Stay happy and stay positive! 

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