A Day Off For Periods. Do We Really Need It?

by customer care on Mar 03, 2022

A Day Off For Periods. Do We Really Need It?

Our company Yashram Lifestyle, is in the business of easing the challenges we face as girl, moms and in general women. Our brands are Morph, a maternity wear brand and Adira, an intimate wear brand. We make products like the patented Period Panties, specialised bras for growing girls, maternity clothing, maternity intimates and more.

Our company is about 80% women, so there is no taboo or awkwardness discussing period.This combined with the fact that we are the makers of Period Panties, period conversation is a very common thing in our daily lives. When there was news about an Indian company in Mumbai offering menstrual leave for it's women employees, it made us look at ourselves and if we should follow suit. So we asked our motley bunch of women what they thought. And here is what they said.

Our finance officer Bhargavi confided that she would consider it a welcome change as most of her holidays are used up by her first day of period. And Priya, our Director said "Yes, Definitely. First day is always critical and having a day off will be helpful."

Our customer support head Sambhabi said that a day off during periods is a huge relief be it the first or second, and our Chief Designer Priyambada said she was in favour of getting menstrual leave as coming into work was a struggle for her and that she felt lousy.

Divya, Program Director of our social initiative HowToTellYourChild said, "I think we do. For women that deal with PCOS and suffer from painful cramps, having the first day of your period off would help save their leave for later while reducing stress about working while being in pain."

And now to me, Deepa, the CEO of the company. Personally, I am not the person that I used to be a few years ago when my period days would not set me back. But over the past few years, my cramps have gotten worse and I don't feel 100% on the first day. I find myself working from home on most first days.

With that being said, I also need to run a company, a start-up that needs attention and I require my team to be present and productive every working day of the month. With most of the work force being women, it's a tough call to make as we cannot afford be to be a lean staff through the month as these things can't be timed either.

So, we took a call. That we will ascertain how we feel on that particular day. If the day is bad, we get the day off. If we can be productive from home, we get the flexibility to work from home. And if we can make it to work, we do. We work together on this. PERIOD.

We thought this was fair. What do you think?

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