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Long Flights With Periods

Long Flights With Periods

Long flights can be tiring and uncomfortable anyways and if it’s long flights with periods, it becomes a bigger nightmare. Ultra small toilets with no space to move around, long queues for the toilet, unpredictable flow add to the discomfort. In this article we will talk about the banes of air travel during periods and tips to deal with it.


The most comfortable place on earth during periods, especially during the high flow days is your own toilet at home. With everything mapped in terms of where the supplies are, how to junk used pads/tampons and how to process stained panties, it’s all set. So how does one manage while on long flights with periods? Well, it helps being prepared. Carry a small pouch that looks discreet and water-proof, yet can accommodate your period supplies like extra pads/tampons and an extra set of Period Panties in it. You will be surprised by being prepared with this pouch, how easy it becomes to change your pad mid-air. You can even wear a fresh pair of period panties and bring back the soiled ones in the water-proof pouch.

These water-proof pouches are made by Adira and they can be bought here.

*Please remember to never flush down a pad or tampon. Wrap it up with toilet paper and dispose it into the bin.


Well, this is a fear that most women who travel on long flights with periods have. What if I leave a stain behind on the seat? What if I have a stained behind when I leave? Stress no more, Adira Period Panties will have you & the seat covered. They are made with soft cotton, they breathe like cotton and guess what, they are leak proof. So, when your pads get full and you are not able to dash to the loo, these panties are true saviours. You can buy them here.

Adira Period Panty
Adira Period Panty


It’s a known fact that the pressure difference in the cabin causes unpredictable period flows. While a few women say that the flow is high mid air, a few complain that the landing causes a huge gush. Either ways, it’s best to be prepared with pads & period panties(for that extra insurance) and to change to a fresh pad before landing.

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With these tips, you should be able to manage long flights with periods easily. If you found this article useful, do share with your girl friends who travel and make their journeys stress-free.

We Wish You Safe & Stress-Free Travels ! 🙂

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