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Natural Remedies For PCOS

Natural Remedies For PCOS

It is an appalling number but recent studies show that 1 in 10 girls in India suffer from PCOD or PCOS. PCOS is an acronym for Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome which is a hormonal imbalance in girls and women. While it is more common in girls and women in the age group of 15- 35, the number of incidents in teenage girls is now on the rise. In this article we will help you understand the issue better and will also list the Natural Remedies For PCOS.

Girls and women suffering from PCOS  have symptoms such as weight gain, tiredness, unwanted hair growth, infertility, acne, pelvic pain, sleep problems and mood changes. Most symptoms begin shortly after puberty and they can also develop during late teens and into early adulthood. Girls with PCOS typically have irregular periods or amenorrhea, and heavy or scanty bleeding. They tend to have elevated levels of the male hormone androgen (testosterone) too.


We at Adira, spoke to a gynaecologist, Dr.Shilpa and asked her some questions about PCOS. This is what she had to say.



PCOS is usually common is girls who are over weight and have processed food in their diet. Avoiding the following foods will help bring weight under control and will have general health benefits too.

5 Foods To Avoid For PCOS
5 Foods To Avoid For PCOS


Eating healthy and fresh will help get PCOS under control. If irregular periods is a problem, do read our article on home remedies that helps. The following food groups make a good PCOS diet.

Good Foods For PCOS
Good Foods For PCOS


Here are the innovative products from Adira that will help you cope with PCOS. 

  • Leak Proof Panties : Adira’s leak proof panties are your best option if you have the problem of unpredictable periods. These panties are made of soft comfy fabrics and have a breathable, cotton leakproof crotch. Using them through the month will ensure that you will not be caught off guard with a stain.

You can try Adira’s Period Panties that are hygienic, skin friendly and prevent period stains. Period panties should be used with pads. They come in 2 fits, each for a specific purpose

Products For PCOS
Products For PCOS
  • Period Hipsters : These panties are meant for medium flow days. They come with and extended leakproof and breathable crotch to prevent period stains.  Period Hipsters prevent front and back area stains.  Shop Period Hipsters here.
  • Period Boxers : Period Boxers are best for heavy flow days and high activity days. The boxer fit provides inner thigh coverage & helps prevent inner thigh staining. Hence, Period Boxer prevents front, back and inner thigh stains. If heavy bleeding is a problem, you must read this article.   Shop Period Boxers here.

You can shop PCOS products here

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Period Panties are an invention by Deepa Kumar, founder of Adira Innerwear. Period Panties are patented in India and USA.


A good exercise regime will also help in releasing the ‘happy hormones’ and will keep the weight gain on check. There are therapies in Yoga for PCOS that help getting PCOS under control. So exercise for PCOS is one of the best PCOS remedies.


There is a lot of research based evidence that stress is one of the contributing factors for PCOS. Try and include yoga, meditation and other de-stressing therapies into your daily routine.  


While western ideas are one path to follow, you could try eastern ideas like yoga, reiki and ayurveda.  A healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and good diet and increased awareness on PCOS  will enable a holistic solution to this problem.

All these options and way of living are natural home remedies for PCOS. But it always good to have a consulting gynaecologist, who is aware of your condition.

Stay Happy ! Stay Healthy !

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