Why Every Woman Should Own A Pair Of Period Panties?

by customer care on Mar 03, 2022

Need Of Period Panties

An aerobic instructor and a marathoner were doing Yoga in class and she was having her period. She was doing the Parvata Asana or the mountain pose when she experienced a sudden flow. The pad was not enough to contain the flow and there was a stain.

If she had been wearing an Adira Period Panty, then she might not have to leave the Yoga class to take care of herself.

Adira Period Panty was invented by a woman for women. It is absorbent yet leakproof. The clever part of the Period Panty is the cloth patch to fix the pad. The wings of the pad go below the cloth patch ensuring that if there is high flow or if the pad moves or crumples, even if the stain isn’t contained in the pad, you stay stain free in the front, in the back and yes, even inner thigh. The construction is unique; we even have a USA patent for it.

Adira Patented Period Panty

In one of our feedback calls, we came across a very interesting customer. The customer is in her mid thirties and is a working mother. She is an avid trekker and recently trekked to Everest Base Camp. She does not use Period Panties every month. Her reasoning is that she is prepared all the time and knows to take care of herself. However, she always packs her set of period panties when she is going on a trek.

She said that Adira Period Panty was a boon when she went to Everest Base Camp as she could trek for long hours without worrying about scarcity of washrooms along the way. When we asked her where else she would use them, she said she wouldn't get on long flights or go to day long meetings without them. This is  a truly intelligent way to use Period Panties when she needs its most.

Mom And Daughter Bond

One of our other customers is a mother of a teenage daughter. She has been our customer for a year now. It is interesting that she buys period panties for herself and her daughter but is more concerned for her daughter. She used our video to teach her daughter about periods and introduced her daughter to Period Panties. It has made a positive impact on the growing girl child. The daughter is a confident teenager because a natural bodily function is no longer a hindrance to do anything she wants. One positive side effect is that the daughter reaches out to mother first to talk about anything, be it periods, school or even teenage angst.

Adira Period Panties are a hit even with older women going through menopause as they usually suffer from unpredictable and/or heavy period.

We are mighty proud that our Period Panties have gone all the way to Himalayas and have graced board rooms. They are being used by young girls,working women and women going through menopause. More importantly, we feel great coming to work every day knowing that a mother feels that her daughter is safe with Adira.

At Adira, it is WOMEN'S DAY, every day.

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