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Delayed Puberty – Is Your Daughter At Risk?

Delayed Puberty – Is Your Daughter At Risk?

The new era has brought in a lot of issues in child development and especially in girls. While there are some girls who start showing signs of puberty much earlier than and her peers, there are girls who experience delayed puberty. The average age for girls to reach maturity ranges from 10 to 12 years. Puberty is not just about period, but other changes like breast development, underarm and public hair and other physical and emotional changes.

The most common causes for delayed sexual development in girls are

  • Simple maturational delay.
  • The other cause for delayed onset of puberty could be cryptic chronic illnesses.
  • Eating disorders related to extreme dieting may cause maturational delay. It is important to be watchful and make sure that children have positive body image and do not indulge in extreme dieting. Ensure that your daughter has a healthy diet and exercises or plays a sport regularly. A healthy child is at lower risk of delayed growth.  

The maturational delay in girls is easily identifiable as the first sign of puberty is breast development. This accompanied by mood changes and rapid growth. Do read our blog here to understand the various stages of breast development and choosing the right starter bra for your daughter and make sure that she is confident of herself.

If your daughter is not showing any signs of sexual maturity by the age of 13, it is better that you consult a doctor. The doctor might request for pelvic ultrasound which will show follicular changes and ovarian growth to ascertain if puberty is imminent. The doctor might order more tests based on the results of pelvic ultrasound examination.

Puberty is a new and beautiful phase of a woman’s life. At the onset, there is too much uncertainty. At Adira, we have the exact products to take care of uncertainty like leak proof panties and period panties.

As a parent, you can help your daughter with this transition. 

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