How To Reduce Period Pain During Exam?–Every Parent’s Worst Fear!!!

by Dispatch Yashram on Mar 03, 2022

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Broad Exams are stressful for any student, but what can make matters worse is when you get your period during the middle of an exam. Periods and Board exams – every parent’s worst fear, isn’t it? Periods during exams can be very unpleasant, especially because of the painful cramps and fear of leakage, resulting in a lack of concentration.

Doesn’t it feel unfair if your child has done her best and prepared so hard –

A period happens every month and you can take a break from school, studies or play – but not from board exams!!

8 Effective Tips To Ease Menstrual Cramps During Exams

#1. Period Panties

Do you want your daughter to focus on the paper in front of her, or worry about leaving stains on the chair? She could really do with some comfortable and leak-proof panties during periods. Period stains should be the last thing on your child’s mind when entering the exam hall.

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#2. Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are an old but effective practice. Frequent use of hot water bottles can help to soothe and relax menstrual cramps. Place the hot water bottles on your child’s lower abdomen and let her lie on the bed for some time. She will feel better as this hot water relaxes the muscles.

#3. Avoid Intake Of Caffeine

Avoid serving your daughter coffee, tea, soda or other aerated beverages during this time. When we intake caffeine, it leads to the tightening of blood vessels and can increase muscle cramps. Try to keep her body relaxed, as it will help the blood to flow smoothly.

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#4. Pain Relief

You can consider taking a painkiller prescribed by your doctor. It will reduce the pain and the effect of cramps also will be less. If your child experiences a menstrual cramp in the middle of exams – it’s going to throw her off her game – so keep some painkillers on hand to get immediate relief. Avoid taking painkillers on empty stomachs and avoid self-medication. So do consult your doctor before taking a painkiller.

#5. Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that always provides the best results without any side effects. There are different asanas like Child’s Pose, Knees-to-Chest Pose and Forward Fold which targets the pelvic and lumbar areas and relieve menstrual cramps.

Yoga will reduce pain and soreness in the body. After doing some yoga, encourage your daughter to take a hot bath. This too can do wonders to reduce menstruation cramps and pain. Additionally, a hot bath will relax her mind and body after which she can peacefully write her board exams.

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#6. Watch Her Diet

Periods can sometimes lead to bloating and irritable bowel syndrome. It is better to avoid salt, spicy and oily food. Avoid indulging in junk foods like pizza, burgers and colas. Instead, you can give your child warm chicken soup or herbal tea to relax.

#7. Try Heat Pads

You cannot carry a hot water bottle to your exam but can always use heating pads, as they provide temporary relief. They can help your child for a couple of hours i.e. during the entire examination. The heat receptors in heating pads get activated and provide relief from menstrual cramps.

#8. Try Home Remedies For Periods

If you suffer from painful periods, you can try home remedies. It is free from side effects and can relieve symptoms like menstrual cramps, sore muscles and good sweeping.

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Getting periods during board exams can be a challenging and uncomfortable experience for students. However, by following these effective tips like using period panties and hot water bottles, avoiding caffeine, pain relief, yoga, watching her diet and trying heat pads and home remedies, parents can help their daughters manage menstrual cramps and alleviate their discomfort during this crucial time. It is important to prioritize your daughter's comfort and well-being to help her focus and perform her best in her board exams.

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