Are Tampons Better Than Pads?

by customer care on Mar 03, 2022

Are Tampons Better Than Pads?

Is your baby girl a young woman now? Unlike for sons, where puberty is gradual and he can ease into it, for daughters it’s a sudden change. One day she is a young girl and the day she gets her first period, she becomes a young woman. She has practically no choice but to take on responsibility for herself every month.  As a mother or as a father, we should help her with this process by educating her on hygiene & ensuring she is stocked with the right hygiene products. There is a multitude of options for period products today.

Here are reasons you should reconsider tampons for young girls.

  • A Pad Is Simpler To Use

Pads are far easier to use than tampons for young girls. The process of inserting a tampon might make her feel uncomfortable and scared too. Using pads along with Period Panties will keep her hygienic, safe and stain-free.

  • She Might Not Get Time To Change

Tampons need to be changed often and not left on for too long. Long days at school or outdoors might not give her the time to change it. Leaving a tampon for long could be dangerous. For this reason, tampons should be reconsidered as an option.

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  • She Might Not Remember That She Has To Change

The thing about pads is that one can feel it and can make out when it gets full or when it’s time for a change. With tampons it’s very tough to figure when it needs a change and this might put up a health risk for her. So, this is another reason a tampon should be reconsidered.

  • She Might Not Understand The Concept Of High Flow & Low Flow

Tampons are graded on absorbency. One generally needs to use high absorbency ones for high flow and lower absorbency ones for low flow. Having just started her period, it would be very tough for her to differentiate between the two. Using high absorbency tampons will drain her body of essential body fluids and this could put her at health risk.

The Risk Of Toxic Shock Syndrome

TSS is not discussed much or ignored as the convenience of tampons is high. It can potentially be life threatening and the risks of tampons for young girls should be considered. You can read about TSS here.

Read about how to prepare your daughter for her first period here. Do check out Adira’s Starter Bras, which gives the right support, lift and coverage for developing breasts.

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Tampons should be used only if the girl feels comfortable using them and has the necessary knowledge to use them safely. 

Parents should have open and honest conversations with their daughters about menstrual health and product options, and empower them to make informed choices about their bodies. Ultimately, the most important thing is to prioritise the girl's comfort and safety and to support her in finding the menstrual product that works best for her individual needs.

We at Adira, hope that you will be able to make the right decision for your growing daughter based on the above information.

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